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"The Advance Boxing Fitness course is great. The addition of the advance techniques and routines were definitely worth the cost and time I have spent studying them." - Mike Battle

"This is the most fun you can have in a workout that I have ever experienced yet. It beats aerobics class hands down!" -- Tricia Wilds, Professional Model

"I am very impressed with the value you have provided and resources for your members. Not only was your service quick and efficient, the follow up care has been outstanding. You have far exceeded my expectations. I am glad I chose to become certified through your organization and look forward to a mutually prosperous future." -- John Nottingham, USA Martial Arts, Arizona

Boxing Fitness

Give Your Clients a 12-Week “New Body" Makeover.

This program is in high demand right now because affluent clients everywhere want to look and feel their best….But you have to know the secrets to attract clients and create excitement and we show you how.


                PLUS: Get Two Certificates for the Price of One Single Program!     

NOTE -- This program has been approved for 20 Units of CEUs from ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association).

-- And you get a comprehensive marketing manual to attract members to your gym or fitness practice with this remarkable program.

Bob Boxing Techniques
Dear Colleague:

The Boxing Fitness Institute is pleased to invite you to join our newest and most comprehensive program.

The 12-Week “New Body” Makeover is an incredible program that is sweeping the nation. Millions of people are overweight, out of shape, and sick of it.

The dirty secret in fitness is that anyone can out-eat an exercise plan. Most experts agree that up to 80% of getting in shape is about how people eat. Now you have available to you a comprehensive program that covers everything your client needs to get and stay in great shape: weights, cardio, and a structured eating plan.

Now you can attract the most desirable, most affluent clients by giving them a comprehensive program to achieve their fitness goals, look their best, and have a great time. Plus, you can make a great income offering this program to your clients.


There is no other program like this. You get an entire system and program to get the kinds of results your clients want – and to fill your facility or fitness practice with  all the desirable clients you can handle.

About Your Trainer
Before going further, we want to introduce you to your Trainer. His name is Paul Simpson, and he is a recognized boxing and fitness celebrity.
USA Boxing Fitness Certification Paul works with entertainment celebrities, professional athletes, boxing title contenders, and executives who want to get and stay in great shape. What is unique about his program is that he has combined the best worlds of nutrition, cardio-fitness, boxing fitness, weight training, and motivation to get remarkable results.

Paul brings more than 10 years of competitive boxing experience to his training program.

Now, in addition to a busy personal training practice, he trains some of the best-conditioned athletes in the world, including current title contender Edner Cherry and also (in the past) famed boxer “Winky” Wright. You may have seen him on the main event on ESPN2’s Friday Night Fights and on HBO’s Boxing After Dark.

The bottom line: Paul knows how to get elite athletes and ordinary people into fantastic shape.

So he created this remarkable program.

USA Boxing Fitness Certification
What You Receive
With the Boxing Fitness Institute’s “12-Week ‘New Body Makeover’ Certification Program”, you receive the following:
USA Boxing Fitness Certification INCLUDED – The 12-Week ‘New Body’ Conditioning Program Training Manual. Paul lays out his step-by step program for you so that you can guide your clients to maximum results. You learn: how to start a client on their program; setting appropriate goals; the optimal cardio program; the best weight training exercises for different body types; providing support; changing course; and keeping people motivated. As with all of our programs, your Manual is written in easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. This is not a theoretical course, but a practical, actionable Manual and tool kit. Note: Includes over 100 still photos to demonstrate technique.
USA Boxing Fitness Certification INCLUDED – The 12-Week ‘New Body’ Nutritional Manual. With this Manual, you learn how to put your clients on an optimal eating program for their goals. WARNING: We do NOT focus on nutritional supplements or untested programs. Our program is a basic, scientifically-validated eating plan that gets results. You will show your clients how to eat the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats – and eliminate the foods that are not serving their goals. Most importantly, you will learn how to keep your clients motivated, make mid-course corrections, and provide the support your clients need.
Boxing Fitness Careers INCLUDED – Comprehensive 12-Week New Body Makeover Marketing Manual. If you know how to market this program correctly, affluent and committed clients will come your way. We show you how to: generate “buzz” about the program; persuade dozens of people to sign up; publicize results; attract local celebrities for support and endorsements; generate a sense of excitement; celebrate results; and become the professional or health facility that EVERYONE talks about. Seriously: People want to get in shape, and can’t help but join this program when you show them the benefits you can provide. Plus, you can earn an outstanding income with this program, because it requires frequent visits and interaction!
Boxing Fitness Careers INCLUDED – DVD showing workout routines for different body types. Paul demonstrates via video the weight training regimens that work best for different people. He shows you how to do each exercise himself, then shows his clients doing the same exercise at their pace. That way, you can easily teach your own clients how to succeed. Your DVD includes dozens of video clips of various upper body, core, and leg exercises that you can use immediately in your program.
Boxing Fitness Careers INCLUDED – 12-Week “New Body Makeover” Fitness Trainer Certificate. Once you pass our online test, you receive a farmable 8 1/2” X 11” Certificate attesting to your mastery of the materials.
Boxing Fitness Careers INCLUDED – 12-Week “New Body Makeover” Sports Nutrition Counselor Certificate. With this program, you receive TWO CERTIFICATES FOR THE PRICE OF ONE. Your second Certificate shows that you understand how to implement a sound nutrition program to help your clients lose fat and achieve their healthiest weight range.

INCLUDED – One-on-one coaching with Paul Simpson. Contact Paul anytime with any questions. Paul will respond, usually within one business day. That way, if any questions come up for you – anything at all, even after you finish – we will provide you with a personal response.

INCLUDED – Membership in The Boxing Fitness Institute, with its benefits. You can network with other fitness professionals, receive ongoing updates about trends in fitness, and also take advantage of our trainer locator. People contact us daily for information about trainers in their area; many of our members get some great leads from this service.

        You DO NOT Have to Be a Boxing Fitness Trainer to Do This Program

A key element of this program is that you put your clients on a solid cardio program. There are many ways for people to do their cardio. Boxing fitness is one ways, and keep people interested and coming back. But of course, there are many more ways for people to do their cardio workouts, and we show you those in this program.

At the same time, when you join this program, we encourage you to also become a Boxing Fitness Fitness Trainer, and we provide you with a great discount to do so. You will see the discount when you click on any of the red buttons on this page and go to our registration page. That way, you can give people a fantastic cardio workout and make your 12-Week New Body Makeover Program even more unique.

Regardless, this program is about great nutrition, weight training to tone the body, and cardio workouts to get in great shape and continue to burn calories. We show you the workouts you need to get results for your clients.

Your Return On Investment is Huge

A program like this, with an instructor as well-known and visible as Paul Simpson and with two Certifications for the price of one, should cost over $500. But we are offering it for under $250. The exact price is $237.50, and you can pay in five convenient monthly installments of just $47.50.

This decision should be an easy one for you.

The “Makeover” workout is incredibly hot right now. In fact, even Oprah is featuring her own Makeover program on her television show (but for consumers, not fitness professionals).

Gyms that put this program in place quickly attract dozens of new members and additional fees from current members. That’s because we show you how to create an organized program that gets people excited and talking.

Fitness professionals who offer this program find that they have a compelling value proposition to offer their clients, and immediately differentiate their services. They finally stand out as a unique “go-to” professional.

Your return on investment is potentially huge! Running this program only one time can pay back your investment many times over.

Quickly, here are the details -- when you sign up, we will immediately get you your Marketing and Training Materials and DVD. We will also activate your membership in the Boxing Fitness Institute. We will give you Paul’s private email address to contact him directly for advice and guidance. When you are ready, you will take your Certification Test online and, when you pass, you will receive your Certificates (if you don't pass, you can take the test again, but the program is set up to help you succeed the first time).

Free Bonuses
There is no reason not to sign up for this program. EVERY fitness professional and health facility should be offering it to their clients and members.

However, to encourage you to order now, we will include these bonuses:

FREE BONUS #1: The Special Report "How to Kick Start Your Fitness Business."
Every fitness professional hits a rut once in a while. And professionals new to the business need to know how to get clients fast. This special report tells you exactly what you have to do -- a little or no cost -- to get new clients fast and get your business on track (a $39 value).

FREE BONUS #2: “How to Add Some ‘Hollywood’ to Your Makeover Program.”
This report shows you how to create buzz and excitement for your program. We show you how to start people on the program so that they are energized. We give you a template for a complete fitness profile and report. We also provide a suggestive nutrition plan for participants, so that you don’t have to. Finally, we let you in on the secrets and best practices of the highest-performing fitness facilities, and how they add excitement and Hollywood-style pizzazz to their makeover programs (a $59 value).

FREE BONUS #3: “Specific Workout Schedules for Different Body Types.”
Everyone is different. This bonus report lays out, in easy-to-digest fashion, specific routines recommended for specific body types – both male and female. That way, you don’t have to stress and strain to develop a schedule for your participants. (a $29 value).

So to review, you receive all of the following with this remarkable program:
The 12-Week ‘New Body’ Conditioning Program Training Manual.
The 12-Week ‘New Body’ Nutrition Training Manual.
DVD demonstrating workout routines.
TWO Certificates.
A comprehensive 12-Week ‘New Body’ Makeover Marketing Manual.
One-on-one Coaching.
Membership in The Boxing Fitness Institute.
A listing with our trainer locator service.
THREE free bonuses, as described above.
We sincerely hope you realize the benefits of this program and sign up today.


Andrew Neitlich
Program Administrator

P.S. Don’t forget that you get TWO CERTIFICATES with this one single program – and also have the opportunity to sign up to be Certified as a Boxing Fitness Trainer at a significant discount to our regular prices.