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"The Advance Boxing Fitness course is great. The addition of the advance techniques and routines were definitely worth the cost and time I have spent studying them." - Mike Battle

"This is the most fun you can have in a workout that I have ever experienced yet. It beats aerobics class hands down!" -- Tricia Wilds, Professional Model

"I am very impressed with the value you have provided and resources for your members. Not only was your service quick and efficient, the follow up care has been outstanding. You have far exceeded my expectations. I am glad I chose to become certified through your organization and look forward to a mutually prosperous future." -- John Nottingham, USA Martial Arts, Arizona

Boxing Fitness

Let Us Give You A Turn Key Boxing Fitness Facility and Help Assure Your Success

We will train your trainers for proper technique, design your facility, create your workout schedule, and help you attract all the desirable clients you can handle

Dear Colleague,

If you have an existing Boxing Fitness program or want to launch one, do it right.

We see too many facilities make massive mistakes, from leasing costly space that they don’t need to developing boring (or unsafe) workout routines and not doing the right things to attract clients. Others invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in franchise fees that they will never get back. As a result, many boxing fitness programs don’t succeed.

For a very affordable fee, The Boxing Fitness Institute, boxing fitness Pioneer Tony Spain and fitness marketing expert Andrew Neitlich will provide you with a turn key program to help assure your success.

Introducing “The Turn Key Absolute Boxing Fitness Program”

This remarkable program includes:

Train the Trainer. Tony Spain will spend 3 days with up to three of your trainers to ensure that they know how to structure a great Boxing Fitness workout, with safe and proper technique, that will keep people coming back. Here is what people say about our live training:

Boxing Video I have been attending and teaching at fitness seminars for over 10 years and usually leave wishing I had saved my money or discussing what I would have done differently. Tony Spain's Boxing Fitness Seminar in Sarasota was the best I have attended. The seminar and material was well organized and presented in a manner that was beneficial to everyone in class, regardless of experience. We all received a great deal of individual attention that improved our own technique and will help us improve that of our clients as well. Tony and his team at Absolute Boxing Fitness are great instructors and teach in a friendly, non-intimidating manner. Thank you so much!
-- Mark Brown, M.Ed., Personal Training Director, BodyBusiness Health Club and Spa, Austin, Texas (13 years martial arts exp. inc. 2 black belts)

Marketing Collateral. You get a choice of Absolute Boxing logos along with designs for signs, advertisements, and innovative business cards that get great response (or you can use your existing logo on these designs if you prefer). Don't reinvent the wheel when we have proven marketing materials for you. We will even provide you proven copy and navigation for your website, including articles about Boxing Fitness that will attract clients -- and we will oversee design of the site on your behalf. And we also provide you with press release support to announce your facility and get you exposure in your local media. This part of the program along would cost you thousands of dollars - much more than our fee (See for yourself by reading on)!

Business and Marketing Support. Marketing plan development so that you attract clients quickly and effectively, pricing and setting up your programs, business planning, insurance suggestions, setting financial goals, and ongoing support and coaching. The emphasis is on keeping your fixed costs low by investing only in the activities you need to do to succeed.

Facility Design. Don’t fall into the trap of getting more space or buying more equipment than you need. The trend has moved to smaller sites, so that your monthly fixed cost is low. We show you how to design a great Boxing Fitness program in a smaller space – including ring design (optional), and equipment for stations and personal training. We also show you how to use your space efficiently so that every square foot is generating revenues for you.

Absolute Boxing Equipment. We provide you with discounted wholesale pricing on gloves, focus mitts, and other products -- all with the Absolute Boxing brand and all of the highest quality. That way, you set your facility apart as unique, branded, and leading-edge.

Updated and Advanced Workout Routines. We are always developing new and advanced workout routines, and we share those with our licensed facilities. That way, your clients remain loyal and keep coming back for more great workouts.

Program Structure. We show you how to set up large group, small group, women only, youth, semi-private, and personal training classes. This includes workout routines scheduled to the minute. Plus, if you wish to incorporate self-defense, kickboxing, or unique strength training programs, we have the experts from our affiliated sites who can provide assistance. That way, you are assured of filling your facility with paying clients every hour of the day!.

Ongoing Support. You can contact us any time for business, programmatic, or other support. We are 100% committed to your success, and here to help you resolve issues right away.

Sharing Best Practices. We constantly ask our clients about best practices, and share those with everyone who participates in this program. That way, when something works for another gym, you learn about it fast.

Exclusive Territory. We limit enrollment to ONE Absolute Boxing Fitness Licensee per geographic area. That way, you can dominate your competition.

This program is very affordable – especially compared to the hundreds of thousands of dollars required for a gym or boxing franchise.

The price for everything described above is $4,950 for the first year (payable in ten monthly installments of $495), and then a $99 licensing fee per month thereafter.


Questions? Call Program Administrator Andrew Neitlich today at 941-539-9623.